Unhealthy Foods To Avoid

Nutrition is a very wide field and in many areas, research is just beginning. We do know many unhealthy foods we should avoid as much as possible, for different reasons. These unhealthy foods include white sugar, white flour, caffinated beverages, sodas, alcohol, tobacco and salt. You already know why some of these can be harmful to you. Generally, the foods mentioned above add nothing to your health. They are empty calories with very little food value. Furthermore, research has shown that they can cause major sensitivities, like allergies, high blood pressure and migraines. Some foods that are exceptionally good for you are natural foods, like vegetables, fruits, and nuts and whole wheat, multi-grain products. Fish and chicken are more nutritious with fewer calories than beef or pork. To sum up, be mindful to eat the things you should. A healthy diet is the fuel to keep you going through all your busy days.

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