Thankful for Friend’s Referral

“I had severe pain in the right shoulder blade and loss of strength [50%] in the right hand. I entered the hospital for traction and physical therapy. No permanent relief was achieved.  I was given a referral to Dr. Koff by friends, co-workers and the manager at my tennis club. Dr. Koff’s diagnosis was the same as the orthopedic specialist, however, the treatment varied as follows:

Chiropractic: Orthopedic:
neck brace 

home traction 


daily spinal adjustments

hot/cold packs for shoulder 

neck brace

home traction

pain pills

hot packs only


I improved steadily through January, and in mid-February, the pain disappeared. I started exercises with the right arm. My key hobby is sports (golf and tennis). As a result of the treatment, I was able to play golf on vacation in March and resumed playing tennis in April.  

My condition improved so that I resumed normal activities three months from the start of the disability [2 and 1/2 months from the start of chiropractic care]. Strength in the right arm returned to normal [15% greater than the left].

I hope that my experience will encourage others to try chiropractic care. I have recommended five persons to Dr. Koff and feel that chiropractic should definitely be tried prior to surgery. A good chiropractor will refer you to another doctor if he feels he can’t help you.”

Tom M.

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