Swimming and Diving Tips

Swimming is the best exercise for conditioning the entire body, including the spine. Some precautions need to be taken before you begin. First, diving is potentially dangerous. Always jump in feet first the first time, to be certain of the depth of the water. Diving head first into shallow water can be devastating to the neck vertebrae, sometimes causing fractures and permanent injury. Second, you must be careful not to exceed you physical limitations by doing too much, too fast, or too far thus straining muscles. Third, swimming in the ocean is exhilarating and fun, but it can be dangerous due to strong currents and high waves. A wave can toss you, flip you, forcibly bend you backwards and thus cause severe sprains and/or fractures. Swimming can be great exercise, but be cautious. If a problem does arise, consult your Chiropractor. They wil help you regain your health quickly and safely.

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