Manassas Chiropractic Clinic Celebrates 40th Anniversary


Dr. Louis I Koff, DC has been providing Manassas Chiropractic techniques since May 3rd, 1976.  We are proud of the accomplishments of Dr. Koff, and the entire staff of Koff Chiropractic Clinic on the momentous occasion of celebrating this 40th Anniversary.

Over the years, Dr. Louis Koff has treated tens of thousands of patients, newborns to centenarians; Olympic hopefuls to manassas chiropracticprofessional athletes, to amateurs and generations of families.  His reputation precedes him.  His tireless work ethic, holistic approach to regaining and maintaining optimal health, and his genuine love of his job shines through in his deep commitment and care fore each and every patient.   He is driven to be the best in Manassas chiropractic service providers.

Whenever possible Dr. Koff has given back to his community by  participating in science fair judging, scoliosis screening at county and city elementary schools, back clinics at local businesses, swimming injury prevention for high school teams as well as year round teams, various swim team boards; not to forget raising two amazing daughters with his wife, and their wonderful granddaughter, here in Manassas.

In 2008, Dr. Louis Koff proudly welcomed his daughter, Dr. Tara Koff to Koff Chiropractic Clinic in Manassas as a chiropractor, and not the two work together in partnership utilizing the most advanced chiropractic techniques to ensure the finest, most gentle, and safest in chiropractic care for their patients.

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