Kinesio Tape
July 10, 2016 Articles

The Tape Technology

Kinesio Tape is an advanced taping technology which supports overused muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia in an active and dynamic way allowing for motion.  The tape actually increases and enhances muscle activity and improves function and performance.  The dynamic method of taping allows for prevention of further injury and protects the tissue for healing, while allowing for muscle activity.

Kinesio Tape Long Wear Mechanical Support

The tape is made of a cotton-type of fabric with an acrylic adhesive base that is activated by friction post-application.  Kinesio tape can potentially be worn for several days, due to the unique fabric that allows the tissue below to breathe.  It provides mechanical support of the structure while also promoting optimal athletic performance.

Dr. Tara Koff is proficient in various taping procedures to support injured muscles and joints.  Kinesio taping is one of many taping procedures she employs.

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