“Instant Cures” Don’t Expect Them

Everyone likes Instant Cures, but many problems do not have such an easy solution.  Chiropractor’s specialize in back problems, so naturally they see patients with spine conditions of the lower back or neck most often. Chiropractors usually treat these problems with spinal manipulations and advice on nutrition and exercise. Naturally, most people don’t like to hurt, so they want and expect immediate results from their Chiropractic treatments. Sometimes this happens, but most times it doesn’t. The reason is that healing takes time. When you sprain or strain a muscle, it is the same as bruising tissues internally, often accompainied with swelling and inflammation. We then continue to use these muscles and ligaments, not rest them totally, so healing takes even longer. If we take medications to mask the pain, this enables us to use the bruised muscles even more, and can delay the healing process for months. If you see your Chiropractor for an injury, he can help you plan for recovery in the best way for you and the injury. So see your Chiropractor soon.

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