Like Mother Like Daughter

“I first consulted Dr. Koff for pinched nerves in the upper left portion of my back with caused local discomfort, as well as severe headaches. Medical Doctors x-rayed my sinuses for the answer to the headaches. Sinus treatment followed and did no good.

I decided to try Chiropractic because my mother had back problems and headaches which were relieved as a result of Chiropractic treatment.

There were many household chores which were painful and many physical activities which were impossible. I now feel that I can do anything that I would like.

Dr. Koff and his staff were extremely professional and yet very kind and friendly. They showed genuine interest in my well-being and did everything to make my visits convenient and helpful. After years of treatment my bone related aches and pains, I consider Dr. Koff a close friend and the Doctor to whom I always turn.”

Susan E. M.

Say Goodbye to Pain at Koff Chiropractic