Disc Degeneration

A normal aging process encompasses disc degeneration. As we age, the tough elastic tissue of the disc begins to lose its fluid. Therefore there is a thinning of the disc with a loss of its shock absorbing function. After the age of 25, the disc begins to degenerate due to a normal loss of blood supply. However, this normal degenerative change should cause no abnormal symptoms unless other factors exist. People who do a lot of lifting increases the possibility for disc trouble; also people who do excessive sitting increase the pressure in the disc. Fortunately a high percentage of disc problems can be helped by modern Chiropractic methods. It is important for a Chiropractor to do a thorough examination to determine the extent of damage with possible x-rays to further confirm disc problems and misalignment. The Chiropractor can then begin to realign the spinal column and balance the musculature of the spine and pelvis.

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