Chiropractic Doctor vs Medicine Doctor

If you have a health problem and need to decide if you should go to a Chiropractic doctor or a Medicine doctor, many times the problem itself dictates where you should go. Most Chiropractic patients hae back, shoulder, neck and headache problems. The Chiropractic doctor approach to these is always a natural healing way; it does not use anything abusive or intrusive in its therapy, like drugs or surgery. We use a manual correction technique to gently put the spinal vertebrae back where they belong. Sometimes we use moist heat packs or electrical nerve or muscle stimulation to ease the pain of muscle spasms and help the adjustment to stay in place. We alsoe take into consideration your diet and exercise needs to put you on the road to total health. The medical doctor usually relys of drugs or surgery to correct a health problem. Chiropractic’s natural form of healing assists the body’s own ability to heal itself as much as possible. It is the best way back to health.

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