My Message – Try Chiropractic Methods

“I entered Koff Chiropractic Clinic severe muscle spasm, severe pain and inability to walk or sit up. The location of the pain was in my lower back, and the duration had been for two weeks. I had never had such severe pain in my entire life.  I was hoping chiropractic methods could work for me.

I had never been to a Chiropractor before. Evaluation revealed indications of a disc herniation with inflammation and muscle spasm. My response was within one week. I returned to work, and within four to five weeks my life returned to normal. I continue to exercise, play golf, and have no limitations.

Chiropractic methods work and Dr. Koff’s clinic exhibits caring, which is rare these days. I would not hesitate to refer all my associates and friends for Chiropractic Care. I am quite confident now that the results of Chiropractic achieved can be achieved by anyone and am happy to refer Chiropractic and this office.”

Jack M.

From Advice to Chiropractic Student

Testimonial from a Client who went from being an Advice Seeker to a Chiropractic Student

“My condition previously was good in general except a dull, nauseating pain in my right side and trouble standing properly and sitting up straight in a chair.  Three doctors, one a Gynecologist and the other two men, General Practitioners, each gave a “possible explanation” for the pain and therefore, unable to correct it.

Through the advise of a friend, I consulted Dr. Louis Koff, who took x-rays, did a posture check, and external spinal examination. The results showed a few vertebrae out of alignment, one hip higher to the other and one legs longer than the other. Dr. Koff reviewed my nutritional pattern, exercise, and my emotional or physical stress I may be under, also adjusting my spine he recommended about 6 simple daily exercises to strengthen the muscles around the new alignment and to use a moist heating pad for soothing the muscles. This I did, returning a few times once a week, then bi-weekly and now, monthly…. I can sit and stand better and with more comfort and there is no pain in my right side.

As a result of my own personal experience with Chiropractic and my research about Chiropractic, I would encourage people to see a Chiropractor beginning in early childhood. I’ve talked with too many people who have been helped naturally and without drugs and who have been helped as I have. In fact, I’m so convinced, that I have become a Chiropractic Student starting in January at Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia.”

Bobbie M.

Like Mother Like Daughter

“I first consulted Dr. Koff for pinched nerves in the upper left portion of my back with caused local discomfort, as well as severe headaches. Medical Doctors x-rayed my sinuses for the answer to the headaches. Sinus treatment followed and did no good.

I decided to try Chiropractic because my mother had back problems and headaches which were relieved as a result of Chiropractic treatment.

There were many household chores which were painful and many physical activities which were impossible. I now feel that I can do anything that I would like.

Dr. Koff and his staff were extremely professional and yet very kind and friendly. They showed genuine interest in my well-being and did everything to make my visits convenient and helpful. After years of treatment my bone related aches and pains, I consider Dr. Koff a close friend and the Doctor to whom I always turn.”

Susan E. M.

Walking on My Own

Testimonial from a client who came to us with severe pain:

“When I entered Koff Chiropractic Clinic, my son had to help me into the office! The pain was so severe in my lower back, knee and calf that I could not walk without assistance.  After my treatment that morning, Dr. Koff instructed me use ice and heat and to come back later in the day. Well, I walked back into the office that afternoon!!! I continue to see Dr. Koff on a regular basis and I am now practically, pain-free. Thank you, Dr. Koff for relief.”

Alex  W.

Full Recovery and No Surgery

Testimonial from a client with sever lower back distress:

“I had a hard time getting dressed. My wife had to put my socks and shoes on for me. I felt awful. I could hardly walk. I knew this time I had really injured my back. I was very depressed about it. I didn’t see how you could possibly get me back to full health again. The x-rays confirmed that I had injured my back.  I could hardly bend over at all.  My lower back was giving me a lot of pain. Today starts the fourth week since I injured my back, and without any trouble or pain.  I feel very good. I really thought that I would need an operation this time. I am very grateful to you that I am fully recovered without having to go in for an operation.”

Sincerely, Robert L. P.