Shoulder Pain Diminished

When I first went to Dr. Tara I could barely raise my right arm to even shake someone’s hand due to severe frozen shoulder syndrome. I was in constant shoulder pain, I couldn’t sleep and I was in emotional despair. I had tried cortisone injections and seen another chiropractor, but was no better. Dr. Tara was very friendly and optimistic she could help. Within one month of treatment, the pain was drastically diminished, the use of my arm was greatly increased and hope was restored. Prior to Dr. Tara, I could not play guitar, work was difficult and driving was beyond difficult. Now, I’m back to 100% functionality and normal life. Thank you so much Dr. Tara! -Todd G.

Achilles Tendonitis

I consulted Dr. Tara for Achilles tendonitis. I had seen an orthopedic surgeon, a podiatrist and done physical therapy. I was ready to schedule for surgery. I was dismayed, hurting and hopeless. My wife is a patient of Dr. Tara’s and suggested that I see her. Dr. Tara was professional, caring, compassionate and very proficient. I started treatment in January and the by the summer, I was 90% better. Today, I have no pain, 100% mobility, and don’t give my tendon another thought. In January, I couldn’t walk, now I exercise, do prolonged standing, and have complete use of my right Achilles tendon thanks to Dr. Tara! -George C.

Chronic Pain? Try Chiropractic

Koff Chiropractic Clinic is a remarkable hidden gem. I am forever indebted to Dr. Tara Koff (one of the two doctors there) for her unwavering support, compassion, patience and dedication to helping me find out what the mysterious cause of my pain was. Before finding Koff Chiropractic Clinic, I had been suffering with severe chronic pain in my left shoulder for over a year and a half. I had been to over 6 orthapaedists, 2 neurologists, 2 family practice primary care doctors, various other chiropractors and a peripheral nerve specialist. I had endured shoulder arthroscopy labral debridement surgery, cortizone shots, physical therapy, juice detoxes, medical massages and more – to no success. I showed up to my appointment in tears to meet with Dr. Tara Koff, I was completely disillusioned and so much in pain that I was severely depressed and likely would have contemplated suicide if the pain kept at the rate it was at. Dr. Koff sat down and listened to my story for an hour and showed true empathy and compassion. She immediately began ART (active release technology) therapy on me, instructed me to immobilize my left arm and shoulder in a sling and whenever not in a sling (shower etc) to squeeze my shoulder blades back (relieving pressure on my AC joint) and suggested that I go back to the orthapaedist to get an MRI ordered. All the previous MRIs had shown pretty much nothing but I was willing to give it a shot. After three weeks of seeing her once a week (to do ART, cool laser and acupressure) and having my arm in the sling, carefully protected, the pain is gone and I am able to finally sleep through the night again. My arm is out of the sling now and I still have no pain. Also, the MRI came back and as soon as she received the report she called me to explain the findings. She has also been accessible via e-mail for me which was critical when I had really bad days with the pain and needed to get in touch with her directly.The MRI found a bone spur and type two (deformed) acromion bone, together causing shoulder impingement syndrome (or also known as sub-acromial impingement). With continued treatment with her and a gradual return to motion and baby step strengthening exercises for the left shoulder, I will be free from the impingement syndrome. I cannot stress how important Dr. Tara Koff has been for restoring my sanity and my life. She is truly an angel (and I’m not a religious person) and I could not be more grateful. No, no one paid me to write this. If you have any chronic pain, I highly encourage you to try this out. – Elizabeth W.

Pain is Gone and Has Not Returned

“I developed a shooting pain and numbed in my right leg. After tolerating this pain for several months, waiting for it to “go away,” I finally consulted my GP, who initially prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. When these did not help, he sent me for x-rays, which showed I had degenerative disc disease and arthritis of the spine in my lower back.  He sent me to an orthopedic surgeon who first sent me for a cortisone shot in my back. This did not help my leg, and, in fact, my back pain got worse. The orthopedic surgeon then sent me for an MRI, which indicated that I had a herniated disc which was causing the legs pains. His only answer for this problem was surgery!  I decided to consider surgery only a last resort, and decided to try chiropractic first.

Dr. Koff recommended exercise and treatment 3 times a week for 3-4 weeks. After only a few treatments, the pain in my leg was entirely gone and has not returned.”

Bonnie M.

Active Release Technique – WOW!

“Dr. Tara Koff and Active Release Technique (ART) got me walking. In April, we went to Annapolis and walked and walked; up and down cobblestone streets all day. My left knee twisted and became very inflamed, swollen and sore. The next morning when I awoke, I couldn’t walk! [In 2003, I had torn my meniscus.] I hobbled like a flamingo on one leg that morning, so we drove home. I feared I would require immediate surgery.

I called Dr. Tara Koff. Upon examination, she determined I had torn the meniscus again! She did Active Release Technique on the knee. I had to ice, use a tens unit, had laser and ultrasound treatments and walk with a walker then, cane. Dr. Tara Koff questioned me about how I sit and sleep.  She said I should never cross my knees due to the original injury. She said I needed to sit and ice, use the tens unit at home, strengthen my knee muscles by specific exercises, not do stairs, and to come in daily for Active Release Technique and therapy.

Each time I went to see her there was improvement in the level of pain and the swelling.  Within a week, I no longer used the walker but the cane! By the second week, I was walking unassisted! Thanks to Dr. Koff’s expertise with ART, I was my old self.  She has healing hands!”

Elisabeth L.

Thankful for Friend’s Referral

“I had severe pain in the right shoulder blade and loss of strength [50%] in the right hand. I entered the hospital for traction and physical therapy. No permanent relief was achieved.  I was given a referral to Dr. Koff by friends, co-workers and the manager at my tennis club. Dr. Koff’s diagnosis was the same as the orthopedic specialist, however, the treatment varied as follows:

Chiropractic: Orthopedic:
neck brace 

home traction 


daily spinal adjustments

hot/cold packs for shoulder 

neck brace

home traction

pain pills

hot packs only


I improved steadily through January, and in mid-February, the pain disappeared. I started exercises with the right arm. My key hobby is sports (golf and tennis). As a result of the treatment, I was able to play golf on vacation in March and resumed playing tennis in April.  

My condition improved so that I resumed normal activities three months from the start of the disability [2 and 1/2 months from the start of chiropractic care]. Strength in the right arm returned to normal [15% greater than the left].

I hope that my experience will encourage others to try chiropractic care. I have recommended five persons to Dr. Koff and feel that chiropractic should definitely be tried prior to surgery. A good chiropractor will refer you to another doctor if he feels he can’t help you.”

Tom M.