Stress is Everywhere

Stress is impossible to escape every day.

There are alternative ways, however, of dealing with how we are physically affected by stress from every day problems.

Chiropractic is one major way of coping with every day tension. If we allow muscles to become tense, our overall health picture can be compromised. There are nerves between each vertebra which supply energy (nerve) to muscles and organs, thus helping them function. If there is a disturbance, normal nerve use is impeded.

Chiropractic treatments can help!

Chiropractic helps the body to heal itself by reducing nerveous tension and muscle spasm. Also, when Chiropractic care is coupled with exercise (spinal and aerobic), health is markedly improved with renewed energy and better sleep habits. In short, helping your body manage the stress of every day life.

“Crick” in the Neck

Neck Pain Manassas? People often complain of having a “crick” in their neck. A “crick” is simply a neck pain related to stiffness or muscle spasm in the neck and/or shoulder region. This pain in the neck can be attributed to one of several factors. A cause can be arthritic or degenerative changes in the neck from previous injuries which have weakened the neck. Another cause can be a strain due to excess physical work or emotional stress which results in muscle spasm in the neck and/or shoulder region. It is crucial to determine what the cause of the “crick” in the neck is, if it is a treatable condition, and how to treat it. An evaluation and examination by your Chiropractor will determine the cause and the advisable treatment.