True Chiropractic Story From Last Week!

I’d like to tell you all a little story about Chiropractic that happened last week. I was speaking to a telephone representative concerning new phones. He said, “I was wondering if you would allow me to tell you a story. It’s about my mother.” I told him I would be interested to hear the story. He told me that she had a bad fall in the 1970’s, actually almost breaking her neck. Medical care basically had her bedridden for 17 years and addicted to pain medication. So after 17 years of non-functioning and addiction she decided to go to a Chiropractor. Well she saw this Chiropractor regularly and after about a year she was totally off medication and walking and working and feeling great. She became a messenger for Chiropractic and I am sure a patient of that specific Chiropractor until she died. This is an extreme, although not unusual story about the vast possibilities of Chiropractic.

This was a totally unsolicited story brought on by the representative noticing that I was a Chiropractor. Little did he know that I have practiced for 42 years and have seen and heard stories like this many times. Never ceases to give me goosebumps when I hear a story like this. So give yourself a treat and try Chiropractic. You may be surprised.

Recurring Back Problems

Back Problems Manassas and Surrounding Areas?

Have you ever had a back ache?

Especially after a busy day, even gotten up with back pain, and it lasted for several days before it began to ease up? The next time a backache bothered you, it was a little worse, and maybe took a couple of weeks to ease up, if you took it real easy. That is normal, isn’t it? No it is not!

Chances are, your backache pain is caused from a past injury, a car accident or a fall, and sometimes for no reason you can’t pinpoint, it flares up. This is not only not normal, it is not healthy, and can be dangerous.

Every time you get a backache, the muscles and ligaments around your spine weaken somewhat. It is easier for the spine to become misaligned, for the vertebrae to shift and move, and the pain comes sooner and stays longer the next time.

Your Chiropractor can re-align the vertebrae!

We can also help you strengthen the muscles through specific exercises, so the back pain doesn’t return time and again. Do not ignore back pain! It is a warning sign. See your Chiropractor today.

Recurring Back Problems Manassas and Surrounding Areas?

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Cervical traction is a technique to provide pain relief and improved motion in the neck. Traction gently distracts the neck and opens the space between the cervical vertebrae, which alleviates the pressure on the affected discs and nerve roots or irritated spinal joints. Between the bones of your spine are intervertebral discs which act as shock absorbers. When a disc injury occurs, a disc can bulge and put pressure on a nerve within the spine. Cervical traction is extremely effective at taking the pressure off this injury and assists in having the disc retract and heal properly. This form of cervical treatment is very beneficial for patients with arthritis and degenerative disc disease, as it assists in promoting mobility and hydrating the discs.

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Disc Degeneration

A normal aging process encompasses disc degeneration. As we age, the tough elastic tissue of the disc begins to lose its fluid. Therefore there is a thinning of the disc with a loss of its shock absorbing function. After the age of 25, the disc begins to degenerate due to a normal loss of blood supply. However, this normal degenerative change should cause no abnormal symptoms unless other factors exist. People who do a lot of lifting increases the possibility for disc trouble; also people who do excessive sitting increase the pressure in the disc. Fortunately a high percentage of disc problems can be helped by modern Chiropractic methods. It is important for a Chiropractor to do a thorough examination to determine the extent of damage with possible x-rays to further confirm disc problems and misalignment. The Chiropractor can then begin to realign the spinal column and balance the musculature of the spine and pelvis.