Four Keys to Health

The primary reason that natural healing or holistic healing methods work is because they raise a person’s resistance to disease. Thus, they are essentially the only viable recourse for preventative health care.

The major keys to health are (1) Alignment, (2) Diet, (3) Exercise and (4) Positive Mental State.

Chiropractic is essential because through the normal alignment of the spine nerve irritation is relieved and, with normal nerve transmission throughout the body, body resistance is increased.

Diet is crucial because simply “we are what we eat”. If we abuse our bodies with poor quality foods, achieving health would be difficult.

Exercise has been highly recommended for increasing strength and endurance.

The Positive Mental Attitude is important to tie all the health factors together. Without a good mental attitude (healthy, vibrant) true health is difficult to achieve.

It would be wise to check with your Chiropractor to determine a program combining exercise, diet, and Chiropractic together with a positive mental attitude.

Pollution Hurts Us All – Polluters Beware

Pollution and ecology are subjects for everyone. We must obviously be concerned with our environment and water supplies, so as not to be polluters them for obvious reasons. We need water for life, soil and plants for life also. So it is vital to keep trash in receptacles and to be as aware as possible of this earth we live on and with. It is also essential to be aware of the pollution of our bodies. It has become a way of society to eat fast, relatively poor quality foods. The pace of our lives dictate this unfortunate change in eating habits. However, we pay the price in later years for our poor quality eating. Scientific data dictates many chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, relate to our poor nutritional habits. So take time, eat your fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water – try not to pollute our bodies and also, while we are at it, let’s not pollute our earth.

Unhealthy Foods To Avoid

Nutrition is a very wide field and in many areas, research is just beginning. We do know many unhealthy foods we should avoid as much as possible, for different reasons. These unhealthy foods include white sugar, white flour, caffinated beverages, sodas, alcohol, tobacco and salt. You already know why some of these can be harmful to you. Generally, the foods mentioned above add nothing to your health. They are empty calories with very little food value. Furthermore, research has shown that they can cause major sensitivities, like allergies, high blood pressure and migraines. Some foods that are exceptionally good for you are natural foods, like vegetables, fruits, and nuts and whole wheat, multi-grain products. Fish and chicken are more nutritious with fewer calories than beef or pork. To sum up, be mindful to eat the things you should. A healthy diet is the fuel to keep you going through all your busy days.