Cervical traction is a technique to provide pain relief and improved motion in the neck. Traction gently distracts the neck and opens the space between the cervical vertebrae, which alleviates the pressure on the affected discs and nerve roots or irritated spinal joints. Between the bones of your spine are intervertebral discs which act as shock absorbers. When a disc injury occurs, a disc can bulge and put pressure on a nerve within the spine. Cervical traction is extremely effective at taking the pressure off this injury and assists in having the disc retract and heal properly. This form of cervical treatment is very beneficial for patients with arthritis and degenerative disc disease, as it assists in promoting mobility and hydrating the discs.

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“Crick” in the Neck

Neck Pain Manassas? People often complain of having a “crick” in their neck. A “crick” is simply a neck pain related to stiffness or muscle spasm in the neck and/or shoulder region. This pain in the neck can be attributed to one of several factors. A cause can be arthritic or degenerative changes in the neck from previous injuries which have weakened the neck. Another cause can be a strain due to excess physical work or emotional stress which results in muscle spasm in the neck and/or shoulder region. It is crucial to determine what the cause of the “crick” in the neck is, if it is a treatable condition, and how to treat it. An evaluation and examination by your Chiropractor will determine the cause and the advisable treatment.

Most Common Chiropractic Conditions

The most common chiropractic problem I see day in and out is lower back pain. There are various causes of this condition. One cause is a disc rupture, another is scoliosis, and frequently, muscle spasms. Most of us abuse our backs, bending over without bending our knees, lifting or dragging things using our backs, and we almost never exercise to strengthen it. The second most common chiropractic problem I see is neck and head pain. The neck is supported by very few muscles and is very vulnerable to injury. Tension and stress often effect the neck and shoulder areas, and sometimes develop into headaches. Chiropractors also treat various joint problems, arthritis conditions, re-occurring muscle cramps, nutritional deficiencies, exercise needs, allergies, and cold and flu symtoms. We not only help you get well, we help you stay well. So see your Chiropractor today.


Headaches have been around as long as humankind has existed. Many things cause them, ranging from brain tumors to stress. Usually, the cause is either injury or stress. If a vertebra is out of position, especially in the neck region, it can pitch nerves in the neck and the result is neck pain or headaches, or both. This type of headache can be in the top of the head, the base of the skull, above the eyes, and can be constant pain, or throbbing pain. They can even be mild to migraine intensity. The Chiropractic approach to headaches is to relieve the pain by putting the vertebra back in its proper position. Then through diet, supplements and exercise, Chiropractic helps to strengthen your body so it can withstand stress, and keep the vertebra in place. Chiropractic helps headaches without medicine, in a natural way, a way that is normal to your health and body. See your Chiropractor today for a healthier, headache free tomorrow.

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Chiropractic Doctor vs Medicine Doctor

If you have a health problem and need to decide if you should go to a Chiropractic doctor or a Medicine doctor, many times the problem itself dictates where you should go. Most Chiropractic patients hae back, shoulder, neck and headache problems. The Chiropractic doctor approach to these is always a natural healing way; it does not use anything abusive or intrusive in its therapy, like drugs or surgery. We use a manual correction technique to gently put the spinal vertebrae back where they belong. Sometimes we use moist heat packs or electrical nerve or muscle stimulation to ease the pain of muscle spasms and help the adjustment to stay in place. We alsoe take into consideration your diet and exercise needs to put you on the road to total health. The medical doctor usually relys of drugs or surgery to correct a health problem. Chiropractic’s natural form of healing assists the body’s own ability to heal itself as much as possible. It is the best way back to health.