Chiropractic or Surgery

Chiropractic is the world’s largest “natural healing art.” Chiropractors study and work with muscles, bones, and the nervous system. Your body is made up of muscles which move bones and nerves which stimulate the muscles to function. If the muscles get injured, they can contract, and cause the bones to shift the wrong way. This causes pain, sometimes in a joint, or in your spine, or nerve irritation which causes sharp shooting pains, or numbness.  You may be asking yourself if you should have Chiropractic or surgery.

Chiropractic care will treat your problem through natural courses, that will allow your body to use it’s own ability to heal itself. Through gentle spinal manipulation, we help the muscle to relax and allow the bones to get back in the proper alignment. Then we teach you exercises to strengthen the muscles and restore your health. In most cases, Chiropractric works, and your pain goes away without surgery. If surgery is needed it can be done as a last resort. But only as a last resort. So see your Chiropractor first.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a soft tissue technique in which a force is applied to a musculoskeletal structure to release or stretch the underlying fascia and to mobilize any adhesions. Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that covers and supports a muscle. Myofascial Release aims to release skeletal muscle tissue shortness and tightness with a safe, low load stretch on the underlying structures to release fascial tightness and myofascial pain.

Stress is Everywhere

Stress is impossible to escape every day.

There are alternative ways, however, of dealing with how we are physically affected by stress from every day problems.

Chiropractic is one major way of coping with every day tension. If we allow muscles to become tense, our overall health picture can be compromised. There are nerves between each vertebra which supply energy (nerve) to muscles and organs, thus helping them function. If there is a disturbance, normal nerve use is impeded.

Chiropractic treatments can help!

Chiropractic helps the body to heal itself by reducing nerveous tension and muscle spasm. Also, when Chiropractic care is coupled with exercise (spinal and aerobic), health is markedly improved with renewed energy and better sleep habits. In short, helping your body manage the stress of every day life.

Chiropractors and Chiropractic What Is It?

Chiropractic is the largest natural healing art in the world.  Chiropractors practice the art to aid patients in healing.  The concept of Chiropractic deals with the spine and spinal nerves, and the musculoskeletal system. It is a science that is based on the premise that good health depends on a normally functioning nervous system. If the bones of the spine, or the vertebrae, become shifted out of position, they can press on the nerves that go through the vertebrae. This can block or hinder the impulses carried through the nerves to vital organs and cells, and inhibit their normal functions. Stress or accidents can cause the vertebrae to shift, by tensing up the muscle that wrap around the vertebrae. Chiropactors examine the spine and check for misalignment of the vertebrae through a complete physical, orthopedic, and neurological exam, usually with x-rays. If they locate a misalignment, they correct it by a spinal adjustment. Sometimes they use therapy in addition to the adjustment to help relax the muscles, and then prescribe exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles. Chiropractic is the only healing art which works with you body’s own recuperative powers, and allows you to heal in a natural way.

Chiropractic Doctor vs Medicine Doctor

If you have a health problem and need to decide if you should go to a Chiropractic doctor or a Medicine doctor, many times the problem itself dictates where you should go. Most Chiropractic patients hae back, shoulder, neck and headache problems. The Chiropractic doctor approach to these is always a natural healing way; it does not use anything abusive or intrusive in its therapy, like drugs or surgery. We use a manual correction technique to gently put the spinal vertebrae back where they belong. Sometimes we use moist heat packs or electrical nerve or muscle stimulation to ease the pain of muscle spasms and help the adjustment to stay in place. We alsoe take into consideration your diet and exercise needs to put you on the road to total health. The medical doctor usually relys of drugs or surgery to correct a health problem. Chiropractic’s natural form of healing assists the body’s own ability to heal itself as much as possible. It is the best way back to health.

“Instant Cures” Don’t Expect Them

Everyone likes Instant Cures, but many problems do not have such an easy solution.  Chiropractor’s specialize in back problems, so naturally they see patients with spine conditions of the lower back or neck most often. Chiropractors usually treat these problems with spinal manipulations and advice on nutrition and exercise. Naturally, most people don’t like to hurt, so they want and expect immediate results from their Chiropractic treatments. Sometimes this happens, but most times it doesn’t. The reason is that healing takes time. When you sprain or strain a muscle, it is the same as bruising tissues internally, often accompainied with swelling and inflammation. We then continue to use these muscles and ligaments, not rest them totally, so healing takes even longer. If we take medications to mask the pain, this enables us to use the bruised muscles even more, and can delay the healing process for months. If you see your Chiropractor for an injury, he can help you plan for recovery in the best way for you and the injury. So see your Chiropractor soon.