Most Common Chiropractic Conditions

The most common chiropractic problem I see day in and out is lower back pain. There are various causes of this condition. One cause is a disc rupture, another is scoliosis, and frequently, muscle spasms. Most of us abuse our backs, bending over without bending our knees, lifting or dragging things using our backs, and we almost never exercise to strengthen it. The second most common chiropractic problem I see is neck and head pain. The neck is supported by very few muscles and is very vulnerable to injury. Tension and stress often effect the neck and shoulder areas, and sometimes develop into headaches. Chiropractors also treat various joint problems, arthritis conditions, re-occurring muscle cramps, nutritional deficiencies, exercise needs, allergies, and cold and flu symtoms. We not only help you get well, we help you stay well. So see your Chiropractor today.

Sprain – What Is it?

A sprain is not as simple a condition as some people think. It is an injury related ailment that primarily deals with damage to the ligament. The damage can be mild to severe and dictates the response. Any part of the body can be injured or sprained. For example, you can sprain an ankle or a back with equally devastating results. A sprain is typically more difficult to treat because ligaments respond much more slowly – since ligaments are the tissue that actually binds joints together, it is crucial. Treatment is critical in the early stages of a sprain in order to attain full, or as full as possible recuperation. Treatment will normally consist of ice and/or heat, possibly electric stimulus, and possibly manipulation therapy. Also crucial is the next step – rehabilitation. It is just as important to build up or strengthen the injured joint. Certain exercises will or should be advised in order to strengthen the area. Remember in the event of injury do not wait – check with your Chiropractor to fully evaluate your condiditon.