Recurring Back Problems

Back Problems Manassas and Surrounding Areas?

Have you ever had a back ache?

Especially after a busy day, even gotten up with back pain, and it lasted for several days before it began to ease up? The next time a backache bothered you, it was a little worse, and maybe took a couple of weeks to ease up, if you took it real easy. That is normal, isn’t it? No it is not!

Chances are, your backache pain is caused from a past injury, a car accident or a fall, and sometimes for no reason you can’t pinpoint, it flares up. This is not only not normal, it is not healthy, and can be dangerous.

Every time you get a backache, the muscles and ligaments around your spine weaken somewhat. It is easier for the spine to become misaligned, for the vertebrae to shift and move, and the pain comes sooner and stays longer the next time.

Your Chiropractor can re-align the vertebrae!

We can also help you strengthen the muscles through specific exercises, so the back pain doesn’t return time and again. Do not ignore back pain! It is a warning sign. See your Chiropractor today.

Recurring Back Problems Manassas and Surrounding Areas?

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a soft tissue technique in which a force is applied to a musculoskeletal structure to release or stretch the underlying fascia and to mobilize any adhesions. Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that covers and supports a muscle. Myofascial Release aims to release skeletal muscle tissue shortness and tightness with a safe, low load stretch on the underlying structures to release fascial tightness and myofascial pain.

Sprain – What Is it?

A sprain is not as simple a condition as some people think. It is an injury related ailment that primarily deals with damage to the ligament. The damage can be mild to severe and dictates the response. Any part of the body can be injured or sprained. For example, you can sprain an ankle or a back with equally devastating results. A sprain is typically more difficult to treat because ligaments respond much more slowly – since ligaments are the tissue that actually binds joints together, it is crucial. Treatment is critical in the early stages of a sprain in order to attain full, or as full as possible recuperation. Treatment will normally consist of ice and/or heat, possibly electric stimulus, and possibly manipulation therapy. Also crucial is the next step – rehabilitation. It is just as important to build up or strengthen the injured joint. Certain exercises will or should be advised in order to strengthen the area. Remember in the event of injury do not wait – check with your Chiropractor to fully evaluate your condiditon.