Four Keys to Health

The primary reason that natural healing or holistic healing methods work is because they raise a person’s resistance to disease. Thus, they are essentially the only viable recourse for preventative health care.

The major keys to health are (1) Alignment, (2) Diet, (3) Exercise and (4) Positive Mental State.

Chiropractic is essential because through the normal alignment of the spine nerve irritation is relieved and, with normal nerve transmission throughout the body, body resistance is increased.

Diet is crucial because simply “we are what we eat”. If we abuse our bodies with poor quality foods, achieving health would be difficult.

Exercise has been highly recommended for increasing strength and endurance.

The Positive Mental Attitude is important to tie all the health factors together. Without a good mental attitude (healthy, vibrant) true health is difficult to achieve.

It would be wise to check with your Chiropractor to determine a program combining exercise, diet, and Chiropractic together with a positive mental attitude.

Recurring Back Problems

Back Problems Manassas and Surrounding Areas?

Have you ever had a back ache?

Especially after a busy day, even gotten up with back pain, and it lasted for several days before it began to ease up? The next time a backache bothered you, it was a little worse, and maybe took a couple of weeks to ease up, if you took it real easy. That is normal, isn’t it? No it is not!

Chances are, your backache pain is caused from a past injury, a car accident or a fall, and sometimes for no reason you can’t pinpoint, it flares up. This is not only not normal, it is not healthy, and can be dangerous.

Every time you get a backache, the muscles and ligaments around your spine weaken somewhat. It is easier for the spine to become misaligned, for the vertebrae to shift and move, and the pain comes sooner and stays longer the next time.

Your Chiropractor can re-align the vertebrae!

We can also help you strengthen the muscles through specific exercises, so the back pain doesn’t return time and again. Do not ignore back pain! It is a warning sign. See your Chiropractor today.

Recurring Back Problems Manassas and Surrounding Areas?

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Chiropractors and Chiropractic What Is It?

Chiropractic is the largest natural healing art in the world.  Chiropractors practice the art to aid patients in healing.  The concept of Chiropractic deals with the spine and spinal nerves, and the musculoskeletal system. It is a science that is based on the premise that good health depends on a normally functioning nervous system. If the bones of the spine, or the vertebrae, become shifted out of position, they can press on the nerves that go through the vertebrae. This can block or hinder the impulses carried through the nerves to vital organs and cells, and inhibit their normal functions. Stress or accidents can cause the vertebrae to shift, by tensing up the muscle that wrap around the vertebrae. Chiropactors examine the spine and check for misalignment of the vertebrae through a complete physical, orthopedic, and neurological exam, usually with x-rays. If they locate a misalignment, they correct it by a spinal adjustment. Sometimes they use therapy in addition to the adjustment to help relax the muscles, and then prescribe exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles. Chiropractic is the only healing art which works with you body’s own recuperative powers, and allows you to heal in a natural way.

Disc Degeneration

A normal aging process encompasses disc degeneration. As we age, the tough elastic tissue of the disc begins to lose its fluid. Therefore there is a thinning of the disc with a loss of its shock absorbing function. After the age of 25, the disc begins to degenerate due to a normal loss of blood supply. However, this normal degenerative change should cause no abnormal symptoms unless other factors exist. People who do a lot of lifting increases the possibility for disc trouble; also people who do excessive sitting increase the pressure in the disc. Fortunately a high percentage of disc problems can be helped by modern Chiropractic methods. It is important for a Chiropractor to do a thorough examination to determine the extent of damage with possible x-rays to further confirm disc problems and misalignment. The Chiropractor can then begin to realign the spinal column and balance the musculature of the spine and pelvis.


Headaches have been around as long as humankind has existed. Many things cause them, ranging from brain tumors to stress. Usually, the cause is either injury or stress. If a vertebra is out of position, especially in the neck region, it can pitch nerves in the neck and the result is neck pain or headaches, or both. This type of headache can be in the top of the head, the base of the skull, above the eyes, and can be constant pain, or throbbing pain. They can even be mild to migraine intensity. The Chiropractic approach to headaches is to relieve the pain by putting the vertebra back in its proper position. Then through diet, supplements and exercise, Chiropractic helps to strengthen your body so it can withstand stress, and keep the vertebra in place. Chiropractic helps headaches without medicine, in a natural way, a way that is normal to your health and body. See your Chiropractor today for a healthier, headache free tomorrow.

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