From Advice to Chiropractic Student

Testimonial from a Client who went from being an Advice Seeker to a Chiropractic Student

“My condition previously was good in general except a dull, nauseating pain in my right side and trouble standing properly and sitting up straight in a chair.  Three doctors, one a Gynecologist and the other two men, General Practitioners, each gave a “possible explanation” for the pain and therefore, unable to correct it.

Through the advise of a friend, I consulted Dr. Louis Koff, who took x-rays, did a posture check, and external spinal examination. The results showed a few vertebrae out of alignment, one hip higher to the other and one legs longer than the other. Dr. Koff reviewed my nutritional pattern, exercise, and my emotional or physical stress I may be under, also adjusting my spine he recommended about 6 simple daily exercises to strengthen the muscles around the new alignment and to use a moist heating pad for soothing the muscles. This I did, returning a few times once a week, then bi-weekly and now, monthly…. I can sit and stand better and with more comfort and there is no pain in my right side.

As a result of my own personal experience with Chiropractic and my research about Chiropractic, I would encourage people to see a Chiropractor beginning in early childhood. I’ve talked with too many people who have been helped naturally and without drugs and who have been helped as I have. In fact, I’m so convinced, that I have become a Chiropractic Student starting in January at Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia.”

Bobbie M.

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