Active Release Technique – WOW!

“Dr. Tara Koff and Active Release Technique (ART) got me walking. In April, we went to Annapolis and walked and walked; up and down cobblestone streets all day. My left knee twisted and became very inflamed, swollen and sore. The next morning when I awoke, I couldn’t walk! [In 2003, I had torn my meniscus.] I hobbled like a flamingo on one leg that morning, so we drove home. I feared I would require immediate surgery.

I called Dr. Tara Koff. Upon examination, she determined I had torn the meniscus again! She did Active Release Technique on the knee. I had to ice, use a tens unit, had laser and ultrasound treatments and walk with a walker then, cane. Dr. Tara Koff questioned me about how I sit and sleep.  She said I should never cross my knees due to the original injury. She said I needed to sit and ice, use the tens unit at home, strengthen my knee muscles by specific exercises, not do stairs, and to come in daily for Active Release Technique and therapy.

Each time I went to see her there was improvement in the level of pain and the swelling.  Within a week, I no longer used the walker but the cane! By the second week, I was walking unassisted! Thanks to Dr. Koff’s expertise with ART, I was my old self.  She has healing hands!”

Elisabeth L.

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