Chiropractic or Surgery

Chiropractic is the world’s largest “natural healing art.” Chiropractors study and work with muscles, bones, and the nervous system. Your body is made up of muscles which move bones and nerves which stimulate the muscles to function. If the muscles get injured, they can contract, and cause the bones to shift the wrong way. This causes pain, sometimes in a joint, or in your spine, or nerve irritation which causes sharp shooting pains, or numbness.  You may be asking yourself if you should have Chiropractic or surgery.

Chiropractic care will treat your problem through natural courses, that will allow your body to use it’s own ability to heal itself. Through gentle spinal manipulation, we help the muscle to relax and allow the bones to get back in the proper alignment. Then we teach you exercises to strengthen the muscles and restore your health. In most cases, Chiropractric works, and your pain goes away without surgery. If surgery is needed it can be done as a last resort. But only as a last resort. So see your Chiropractor first.

Body Talk – Warning Signs

Your body talks to you in a language called symptoms. If you listen, you will hear it tell you when there is a problem.

If you have a vertebra out of position, you will sometimes have symptoms. We often refer to these symptoms as Warning Signs.  One of the most important symptoms of the spine is pain. This pain can feel sharp and stabbing, or dull and achy. It may be in just one spot, or radiating into the legs or arms. It can be a headache, neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, or pain almost any place along the spine.

The pain could be accompanied with fatigue or nervousness. This is common wit a vertabra out of place, or spinal misalignment.

So if you have pain, especially of a continuing or chronic nature, in any region of your back, head or legs, listen to your body. Contact your Chiropactor for a full evaluation.

Recurring Back Problems

Back Problems Manassas and Surrounding Areas?

Have you ever had a back ache?

Especially after a busy day, even gotten up with back pain, and it lasted for several days before it began to ease up? The next time a backache bothered you, it was a little worse, and maybe took a couple of weeks to ease up, if you took it real easy. That is normal, isn’t it? No it is not!

Chances are, your backache pain is caused from a past injury, a car accident or a fall, and sometimes for no reason you can’t pinpoint, it flares up. This is not only not normal, it is not healthy, and can be dangerous.

Every time you get a backache, the muscles and ligaments around your spine weaken somewhat. It is easier for the spine to become misaligned, for the vertebrae to shift and move, and the pain comes sooner and stays longer the next time.

Your Chiropractor can re-align the vertebrae!

We can also help you strengthen the muscles through specific exercises, so the back pain doesn’t return time and again. Do not ignore back pain! It is a warning sign. See your Chiropractor today.

Recurring Back Problems Manassas and Surrounding Areas?

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